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CNC / Milling Lathes

TYPE CN - Multi-Function CNC Machine

A fully automatic CNC controlled 4 axis hopper fed production unit with 2 bed lengths of either 1500mm or 2000mm. The hopper feeds automatically up to 150mm and manual feed by the arms can be up to 300mm.

Servo motor controls and our combination milling cutter enables a 75mm radial cut in one pass, which when combined with the option of the belt sanding unit enables a finished piece to be produced in just one pass!

Full spiralling, barley twisting, flat working options are available and our optional Scan&Turn software enables scanned images to be downloaded straight into the machine. CAD - CAM software with postprocessor also available.

TYPE CN - with 8 Head Revolver Unit

With this version of the above, by replacing the optional sanding unit with an 8 station revolver head which can take live or static heads, the CN machine is transformed into a truly versatile workstation which is totally flexible and able to carry out milling and routering functions on the turned pieces all in the one operation.


A semi-automatic Lathe which can also have full CNC control.

Although only a semi-automatic machine as with all our machines, the build quality enables us to extend the bed length up to at least 4.0m if not longer, and again the advantages of the milling blade and optional sanding unit enable this to be a very versatile machine.

Normal bed length is 1600mm with max turning diameter of 350mm. Tool holders are optional for tenons etc: (manually operated); indexation for shaped pieces and special centering device available.


This is the normal automatic version of the machine type CNC CN. Now available with full PLC control which can store approx 30 settings. Bed lengths are either 900mm; 1500mm or 2000mm, and maximum diameter is 250mm manually fed and 150mm automatic hopper feed.

Again as with all our milling blade types, the radial cut is 75mm is one pass, with the option of the automatic sanding unit a fully turned and sanded piece is possible in just one pass.

Flatwork and indexation for Polygonal shapes etc: available as options. The Milling Blade has approx 2-3 weeks normal working between sharpening. Quick set times, and can work with the hydraulic copiers from templates or samples.

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