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Copy Lathes & CNC


The 'Joker' range meaning the best in the pack starts with the two single copy head Joker 7000. Lengths are 1600, 2000, 3150 and longer with either 250mm or 300mm depending on model for the diameter.

Positive hydaulic feed with M33 spindle and reinforced triple bearing. Solid cast bed and traditional German engineering.

Joker CD

The 'Joker' CD lathe comes with the same bed lengths as the basic Joker copy lathe but with increased diameter up to 380mm and 2 programmable axis.

Milling also becomes possible on the CD machine with the ability to choose variable turning speeds as well as pitched and gradiants for spiral milling and fluting.

Joker CNC

The 'Joker' CNC is a true champion of the turning art. Available with full programming capability using the well known Megatech software - customers are able to programme simply and easily - even away from the machine and then download the item which is converted automatically into codes for turning, milling, spirals and fluting etc.

Add to this our Auto Tool changer and customers can bore profiles and turn without changing cutters. It is all done automatically for you and we are able to offer turns 90° shoulders by using fixed tooling.

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